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Written by Johanna Brown, ESL Workplace Transition Coordinator

“…. Five.. Four… Three… Two… One…..   Happy New Year!”  Yes, the birth of another New Year has come Happy 2016and gone, and here we are – on the cusp of 2016! At work we are all slowly returning to the normal meetings and activities, taking stock of the year that was and mapping out brave new projects and lucrative plans for the coming year! In between balancing work and personal life and all the other stuff going on in our lives, we are also trying our best to give our noble new year’s resolutions – eating healthy, getting fit or finally learning that new language – a fighting chance to actually succeed for once! And then, before we know it, we’re right back in the middle of the usual routine of living every day, doing the same things we did last year, and the year before…  Well, you get the picture: same-old, same-old!

This brings me to my next suggestion – decide NOW, before the dust of the new year settles down into the normal routine as it inevitably will, that in this coming year you will try something NEW! Here at The Literacy Group we have some courageous adult learners who have also decided to try something new! They have taken that important first step to join us here at TLG, to improve their literacy and acquire new skills for the workplace and for life. Many of them, however, are still waiting for volunteer tutors to be their learning partners on this new, sometimes scary road.   Please consider joining our group of volunteer tutors and supporters as your “something new” for this coming year. Who knows, YOU might just be that person who will empower someone to break those shackles of “same-old, same-old” low level literacy, and open up new horizons of possibility!

Wishing you all 12 months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of health, 8,760 hours of joy, 525,600 minutes of blessings and 31,536,000 seconds of happiness! Happy New Year!