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Happy New Year

Written by Johanna Brown, ESL Workplace Transition Coordinator “…. Five.. Four… Three… Two… One…..   Happy New Year!”  Yes, the birth of another New Year has come and gone, and here we are - on the cusp of 2016! At work we are all slowly returning to the normal...

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Chris Adam’s Story by Sheri Keane

In my role as Group Facilitator to classes in The Literacy Group, I have the privilege of working with many learners. They come to me uncertain of how to achieve their ideal goal paths. My job is to help guide and prepare them for their next steps. Seeing them learn,...

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Guest Column – Cambridge Times

Written by Bill Ashwell Literacy affects us all, but we take it for granted. It encompasses every aspect of our lives. The ability to read and understand the information you encounter each day is as vital to our everyday living as…well, as breathing. In 1992, I joined...

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