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Written by Natalie, the creator of Myths4Life and long-time young supporter of The Literacy Group. When Natalie was tasked with a school project to help serve the community, she instantly thought of TLG and its tutors and learners, some of whom she met during previous volunteer engagements. The following is her project and its purpose, in her own words:

Myths4Life is a project that I am working on to help students at TLG. This website contains content based on Greek Mythology and some Roman Mythology. The content is to be used as another form of online literature.

Greek Mythology is an enormous topic that can take weeks, months and possibly a year to learn every detail and every story inside of its engulfing world. Greek Mythology is one of those topics that seem truly endless. In my opinion history class can be really dull sometimes. If I had learned about Mythology instead of dull and seemingly unimportant history, the history class would be way more interesting.

I have been learning Greek Mythology for years now and yet, I still do not know probably even half. For most things that I was once fascinated with, I probably started and finished exploring all the possibilities.

TLG also brings you so many possibilities in the ways that you can learn. Mythology, is something that is marvelling. Not just at how it’s world is so extensive, but what is hidden inside of it’s deep barriers. TLG is welcome to use this website that will continue to extend until it is as extensive as Mythology itself.

TLG is an important organisation that I want to help because I love reading and writing. It hurts me to know that some people cannot read or write because they never stumbled across the opportunity to learn. TLG is such an understanding charity that gives these people the chance that they never had. That is the reason why I am creating and developing this website for them and for you.