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Our Learners

A bit about our learners…

How can someone reach adulthood without having learned to read?  That’s a question we get asked often at TLG.  And while most of our students can read a bit, typically they are functionally illiterate—their literacy skills are inadequate for many of the demands of everyday life.

This video shows the intergenerational causes of low literacy.  Without the help of organizations such as TLG, parents with low literacy often lack the skills to encourage and support literacy in their children, and low literacy cycles from generation to generation.  For this reason, the work we do at TLG often has an impact far beyond the individual learners we serve.

Thank you to Stichting Lezen & Schrijven for such a great video.

Renee Jeremike’aOver 1500 adult learners have come to our program since its formation ten years ago. Learners are male, female, young, middle-aged or seniors.

They may come because they need the skills to begin their working career, or as retirees who feel they now have the time to learn skills they lack.  Some would like help with math or reading to get a better job or help their kids with homework. They may be injured or laid-off workers who want to improve skill levels in order to qualify for, or be successful in retraining programs. They may need basic computer training to maintain employment, conduct on-line business, or communicate through e-mail with friends and family.

Our learners’ experiences, and backgrounds are as varied as the reasons why they lack these skills. What they share is a common goal to improve their skills, and the courage to seek assistance in achieving that goal.