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Success Stories

More Than Reading: The Success of Our Learners

This page offers a brief glance at some of personal stories of our learners. Click on the video below and follow the links to blog posts to see how some of our learners have succeeded in more than just reading.


Chris's Story


Congratulations to Don Proper! 

For the first time in TLG history, one of our students has completed ALL level 1 Milestones, including the Culminating Task. Milestones are the assessments TLG uses to monitor the progress of our students. Group Facilitator, Julie Sigrist says "Don has been one the...

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Chris’s Story

Chris struggled to find a good job. He had a grade 9 education from Jamaica, and limited reading, writing and computer skills. He couldn’t write emails. He struggled to fill in forms. Not being able to sound out words he did not recognize made reading a struggle....

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah worked at a bakery, but she couldn’t read the recipes. She struggled to multiply the recipes when necessary. She could not write notes. She had to ask lots of questions and relied on other staff, to help her read the recipes and complete the necessary math. This...

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Student CD’s Story

Hi, I’m CD, I was raised in Montserrat, a small Caribbean island that is located in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies.  Montserrat is east of Puerto Rico. I came to Canada in 1989 because of Hurricane Hugo that destroyed approximately 98% of the housing....

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Student Odilia’s Story

Hi, my name is Odilia Monaghan. I would like to thank everyone for coming today, and allowing me to share with you my experiences of returning to school. It has been a dream of mine to graduate from high school, and find a career to follow, not just have a job. Many...

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