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We are all very aware of how necessary volunteers are to our communities, how much value they add to our society and how non-profit organizations could not survive without them. Although we know this, are we ever really capable of expressing just how much we appreciate them?

The tutors that volunteer at TLG are certainly some of the most committed, empathetic and skilled individuals. They have experience in fields such as business, education, military, medicine and social services among others. They are at various stages of life, enrolled in post-secondary education, raising families, careers or enjoying retirement. The common thread is their desire to help others and to enable other adults to improve basic skills such as reading, writing, technology, and mathematics. They are here to help others reach their goals. Those goals can include better employment, further education, or something most of us take very much for granted, something as basic as the ability to read a bedtime story to your child or grandchild. Certainly upon reflection we can understand the value of such an activity is priceless.

What a tutor contributes to an adult learner is immeasurable, of course they assist with learning but they bring so much more to the table. They give their precious time, a willingness to connect with learners, and patience during the learning process. They bring unique personalities,  knowledge, life experiences and wisdom that can only enhance and support the learner through their journey. The gift of knowledge that they are aiming to provide is a gift that a learner will benefit from for a lifetime. Tutors are enriching lives, but it is with every confidence that we can say they also enrich both the student and staff lives at TLG.

Saying “thank you” seems like so little, but it is with sincere appreciation for all that you do and the immense value you bring to TLG, that we acknowledge you!

Sheila Annetts