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Thank you so very much for all your work. Because of you…someone can fill in his personal information on his new doctor’s registration form. Someone can place an ad for his truck on Kijiji. Someone can write a note to a boss without asking her husband to help. Someone learned how to calculate HST on a new coat. Someone can compare street signs with written addresses to find his way to painting jobs. Someone has is no longer embarrassed to ask co-workers for help when he has difficulty reading safety notices. Someone reads bedtime stories to her child.

If you think you recognize one of these “someones,” you do. These are stories we’ve heard from our learners–what they tell us they can do now because you taught them.  These ripples add up to tides of change.

Thank you to all our Volunteers who make our work possible – Tutors, Office Volunteers, Special Event Helpers, Fundraising Committee Members & Board Members. Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 12-18, but you ROCK all year round.

We wanted to say a special goodbye to a number of our volunteer tutors who have moved on through the fall and winter months. Combined, these tutors have provided more than 2100 hours of tutoring! Thank you for your contributions.

  • Murray Jull
  • Peter Mick
  • Tara McPhee
  • Jennifer Berry
  • Catherine Dowling Macdonald
  • Robert Sobers
  • Charlene Weileder
  • Mike Brennan
  • Miguel Ruphuy Chan
  • Meaghan Nichols
  • Ming Xia Liu
  • Marion Markham
  • Carolyn Pigott
  • Kevin Woods
  • Larry Hellerman


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Heather Lee and Sue Damon
Program Coordinators – Learners/Tutors