Do you need help with reading?  The Literacy Group helps all levels of readers.

We help people learn:

  • The basics of letters, sounds and words using the Laubach Way to Reading system.
  • how to read forms and brochures, labels and signs.
  • For personal enjoyment and to read to their children
  • To read faster and with better understanding or comprehension
  • How to read for work, learning and life

You can get help with reading in small groups or in one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Learn to read the things that are important to you at The Literacy Group.

In Kitchener, contact Sue           519-743-6090 x 224

In Cambridge, contact Laurie   519-743-6090 x 325

To refer a client to TLG for help with reading, please use this referral form

Photographs of people reading different texts at work, home and school