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The Literacy Group has served Waterloo Region for over 20 years, specializing in the individual assessment and skills upgrading of adults with a goal to improve their workplace skills.

The Increasing Value program is a workplace specific program, which  analyzes the foundational skills needed to complete specific workplace activities and then  assesses the employees skill level to to complete those tasks.

Next, an induvial workplan and scheme of work is developed to update the employees foundational skills in order to raise them to the level to excel in their role.

The Increasing Value program:

  • Allows skills to develop
  • Helps employees apply thinking
  • Helps employees become better contributors
  • Supports employers discover and grow their next middle management
  • Supports the reduction of turnover, costly errors and staff retention

“The Literacy Group provided English Language instruction to our new, low-level English employees, incorporating our workplace terminology into their curriculum, helping these employees better navigate their new employment more effectively than could otherwise have been achieved.”J. Sanders. Tigercat Industries

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The Process

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