Corporate Training

Literacy Solutions for Business Results

The Literacy Group has been a basic skills and literacy training organization for 25 years. In that time, TLG has served over 10,000 adults with varying employment based goals.

TLG specializes in the assessment of adult learners in front line positions, then the delivery of individualized training to raise their skill levels.

Woman teaching a man workplace skills at The Literacy Group
Man teaching to read another man at The Literacy Group

There are countless values in investing in the literacy based programs for your company.

Investing in literacy based training can:

  • Identify skills deficits
  • Increase value of front line employees
  • Reduce risk and costly errors

Customized Training

TLG has a number of unique programs which have been delivered in various workplaces and directly to adult learners.

These programs include Customer Service Excellence, Workplace ESL Training and Manufacturing Foundational Numeracy.

TLG can find the right program for you. We conduct a Skills Needs Assessment, and evaluate the skills needed in the position and the skills gaps in the employees. TLG would develop and deliver a tailormade program to give the employees the skills they need to do the job better and become more valued employees.

Skills for Success Youth using POS

Organizational Needs Assessment

Looking for improvements in productivity, employee retention and workplace safety?

An Organizational Needs Assessment or ONA can solve common workplace issues such as:

  • High staff turnover
  • High absenteeism
  • Low motivation and/or productivity
  • Employees who resist change
  • On-the-job accidents
  • Difficulty meeting your business goals

An ONA examines the Skills for Success levels in the workplace. You can use the ONA to examine these skills of your organization as a whole or to assess specific department(s) (e.g. Accounting) or groups of employees (e.g. all entry-level positions). After, we create a report of findings and recommendations.

ONA being conducted with a forklift worker

Clear Writing Assessment

Having clear communication, clear written documents, policies and signage is vital to create an inclusive work environment. For either ESL workers or new hires, clear language makes people feel welcomed, engaged and it reduces workplace mistakes and poor efficiency.

A Clear Writing Assessments involves one of our training consultants to work alongside you and target areas of communication that have bought about challenges. After the assessment, recommendations are made and TLG can even mentor staff into how to use clear language in their day to day communication. The option of editing documents is also available.

Clear language assessment being conducted on some workplace paperwork
An image showing how investing in TLG Corporate Training is an investment into the community

Helping the Community

This programs runs as a Social Enterprise format.

Funds raised with this program will directly support the FREE services that TLG runs in the community.

Partnering with us will make you a supporter of:

  • Keeping our free services open to the community
  • Increasing adult skill levels in the region
  • Decreasing poverty levels
  • Supporting the real barriers we see on our doorsteps
  • Increasing the amount of skilled labour in the hiring pool in Waterloo region.

Job searchers and customers are looking for companies who invest in the future and the community. You can be that company.

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Our programs are competitively priced and TLG has over 25 years of teaching adults in Waterloo Region.

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