Digital Drop in Clinic

Drop in Clinic


  • Open two hour long sessions, come and go as you please.
  • First hour teaching a new set of specific skills each week.
  • During the second hour, the instructor is available for questions and individual issues.

Learners are available to join in the first or second hour or both.

All sessions are hosted through Zoom video conferencing and are by invitation only.

Evening classes only.


Virtual Interviews

During the current climate, you may be facing information sessions, job fairs and interviews through video conferencing. These can be confusing and daunting. This session will support learners how to use video conferencing for interviews. The class will cover:

  • navigating video call platforms
  • discovering what is good video call etiquette and what to do if you face any technical difficulties
  • learning how to dress for a virtual interview and what should you have ready before you start
Submitting Your Application Online 

Most applications are completed online and making sure that you complete the varied online applications correctly can be challenging. In this session, we will cover the following to help:

  • submitting an application to a company website using online forms
  • submitting an application by email
  • attaching documents to an email
  • managing and naming your files
  • what to write in an email when you submit your application
Organizing Your Job Search

They say looking for a job is a full time job. In this session, the instructor will support learners with tips and guidance on how to keep yourself organized and stay on top of the daunting task of job searching. The session will include:

  • saving job descriptions
  • organizing your job search files with the correct file and folder names
  • saving resumes and cover letters specific for each job application
  • tips on managing job search stress and fatigue
Navigating Your Job Search

During today’s job market, searching for jobs is mostly done online. Employers find they reach a wider audience quicker and cheaper if they post opportunities online. In order to successfully navigate through these postings, this session will teach learnings how to do the following:

  • search filters using job title, date posted, location, wage and others
  • how to set up alerts for new job postings
  • navigate most common job search sites such as Indeed or the Job bank
  • how to find and participate in virtual job fairs
  • how to use Glass Door once you have found a posting you like the look of
  • how to find and interpret Essential Skills job profiles to give you the best idea of what skills are needed for different roles
Job Search Etiquette 

Often employers are looking at possible employees and their appropriateness for the role even before the interview. This session will help prepare you on how to show your professionalism and commitment to a possible employer before any interview. This session will cover:

  • how to successfully communicate through email with potential employers during the application submission, pre-interview and after the interview
  • creating a professional email address
  • how to proofread and use Grammarly to communicate with employers

Enrollment and Information

Contact: Laurie Mazur
Phone number: 519 621 7993

Session Dates

Virtual Interview.  Thursday October 15. 2020

Submitting Your Application Online. Tuesday October 20. 2020

Organizing Your Job Search.  Thursday October 29. 2020

Navigating Your Job Search.  Tuesday November 3. 2020

Job Search Etiquette.  Thursday November 12. 2020

Virtual Interview. Tuesday November 17. 2020

Submitting Your Application Online.  Thursday November 26. 2020

Organizing Your Job Search.  Tuesday December 1. 2020

Navigating Your Job Search. Thursday December 10. 2020

Job Search Etiquette. Tuesday December 15. 2020