LAC. Learner Advisory Committee

Adults learning to read and write at The Literacy Group

LAC Inclusion Statement

TLG’s Learners’ Advisory Committee welcomes learners no matter what your…
• Life experiences
• Abilities
• Age
• Culture
• Gender
• Race
• Religion
• Sexuality
• Level of education
• Employment status
• Level of English language and literacy skills

Whether you were born in Canada or came to Canada later in life, we welcome you! We value and respect your opinions and life experiences. We want to hear what you have to say. TLG is a safe shared-learning space. You learn from us. We learn from you!

What Is the Learners’ Advisory Committee (LAC)?
Do you want to make a difference?

With your help, we can improve learning at TLG. Together, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of TLG programs and find ways to make them better. We want to create the best experience possible for our learners. The Learners’ Advisory Committee (LAC) is a place for TLG learners and past learners to make their voices heard.
Meetings will be held four times per year (every three months) by Zoom. Attend as many—or as few—as you wish, depending on when you are able to come. At the meetings, you will be a voice for the community and bring issues that affect you and other learners to the table. You will help us find solutions to those issues. Everyone will get a chance to contribute.
Tutor and learner

How will serving on the LAC benefit me?

• It will allow you to improve TLG for yourself and other learners
• It will be an opportunity to develop your communication skills
• It will be a fun way to meet and interact with other committee members
• Committee membership will look good on your resume
• If you attend at least 3 meetings a year, you will receive a gift card as a thank you

What do I need to do?

• Attend meetings as you are able
• Give us your honest opinions, feedback and suggestions

The TLG newsletter will include updates on committee meetings and information on how the committee’s work has improved TLG.

Code of Respect

The Learner’s Advisory Committee is a safe environment where all opinions are valued and respected. We ask that you always respect others and their opinions and experiences during meetings. If any committee member is disrespectful, they will be asked to leave.

How to Join

Email or call or call 519-743-6090 Ext. 223.